If you are  seeking representation, please email us at info@acuity.email.

For Actors, Comics, Presenters or Hosts please include several head shots, a reel if you have one, along with your resume. If you do not have a reel or show footage, record yourself with a taped introduction.

For Writers, Authors, Directors, Producers, and Editors of Sound or Camera please submit written or taped copies of your work along with a taped introduction  and resumes.


For Musicians, Performers or Specialty Acts, please submit taped footage of your live performance, special skills or music along with head shots and resumes.

For Managers / Staff and Interns please submit your resume along with a taped introduction. 

Everyone who submits to us is considered. Thank you for your submission.

Please send all Headshots, Reels, Resumes and Writing Samples if applicable to: