1937 - 2020


ACUITY ARTISTS sadly announces the passing of our legendary client and friend, Michael Kane. Known for his many projects, he generously gave Tom Cruise his first break in "All The Right Moves", which launched his successful career. Mr. Kane is also known internationally for a tremendous filmography; which includes: Southern Comfort, The Cisco Kid, MacGyver, The Bear, The Legend of The Lone Ranger, The White Shadow, Hot Stuff, The Ransom Of Red Chief, Smokey and The Bandit II, Hard Country, Jaws 3-D, The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission, and the upcoming projects "Death Valley", "Scouts", "Tinsel Town" and "The Sport of Kings". We send his family and closest friends our deepest condolences, to a life richly lived but cut short before the race was won. You are deeply missed by us here and all your fellows. Michael, to you we raise a parting glass. See you on the Red Carpet pal.

- From all at ACUITY ARTISTS 


 1948 - 2016

Actor, Playwright, Motivational Speaker, Disability Activist.

ACUITY ARTISTS regrets to announce the departing of our cherished client and long time inspirational friend, Henry Holden.  Henry appeared in over a dozen films and television episodes. He was an extremely versatile actor, playing roles from lawyers and judges to bad asses and psychiatrists. He also appeared as a clown, opposite Fergie when she was a child on "Kids Incorporated". Walking with a leg brace and the use of forearm crutches, due to polio at age four, didn't prevent Henry from appearing at the National Horse Show in Madison Square Garden or bowling a 197 in league competition or learning how to fly a plane and glider or even becoming a certified scuba diver.! Let's not forget getting a bronze medal for skiing a slalom course in New Hampshire and finishing the Los Angeles Marathon and playing wheelchair basketball at local arenas. Henry's career  evolved to say the least. When he could not get acting roles at the start of his career he became a standup comic, who makes fun of standing up. Soon Henry became an international speaker. In 2007 he was picked by the Napoleon Hill organization to become one of their speakers on their tour in Malaysia.  Henry wrote the short play, 'The Hitman', which was produced in Los Angeles and was so popular that it added a second run. Now "The Hitman" has been adapted to the screen. Henry had an extensive article featured in the New York Times, which is certainly worth reading.  

You are missed, Hollywood seems less bright without you.

- From all at ACUITY ARTISTS 




 1969 - 2012

 Hip-Hop Performing Artist, Actor

The world has lost yet another great man. Patrick Wesley Cochrun, aka Pakelika "The Visual Assassin" passed away at the young age of 42 in Burbank, CA.  Pakelika was part of the "Kottonmouth Kings", a Cali-based pot-obsessed suburban hip-hop outfit with a fiercely loyal underground following, which first gained popularity in the late-'90s. The group had minor hits like “Suburban Life” and “Dog's Life.” The 6'7 Pakelika quickly became one of the rap group's standout members, an impressive feat considering he then refused to speak. He wore a mask, which he said was a statement against society's penchant to judge people based on their looks. Dubbed the group's “visual assassin,” he was unpredictable and in concert performed a self-styled brand of pop-locking he dubbed “hydro mechanix.” His show-stealing cameo in the group's “Bump” video effectively made him a star, as it became one of the most requested clips on viewer-controlled music channel The Box.  He was a dancer, actor, artist, creator, but most of all, he was a wonderful man kind, supportive, generous, loyal, and well-loved by his friends and fans. Patrick's mother said that because he was an organ donor, they were able to use many of his vital organs to save others lives! Including his lungs, his kidney's, liver, cornea's, and more where all in good enough shape to donate. Even though the world lost a great man, he was able to save many lives. His creation, execution, perfection & passion of Hydro-Mechanix will live on forever.

- From all at ACUITY ARTISTS